Thursday, November 04, 2004

Impromptu comedy show

Ok.. Now for some serious "comedy" stuff.. Today, we (this trouble buddy of mine Ranga and me) had been to a live impromptu comedy show by a troop called "Altenative Fuels" (AF) at the University Center (aka UC) at our school. This is the first live "English" comedy that I'd been to and boy! we enjoyed it so much that we signed up for the paid show on Nov 17th.

And guess what.. we went to the show after listening to Crazy Mohan and SV Sekhar's "CRAZY THIEVES IN PALAVAKKAM".... Wow! This is what I call an evening... It was really fun....


At 7:55 PM, Blogger ranga said...

Too much daa idhellam... cha.. anyway... Crazy Mohan + S.V.Shekhar in Crazy Thieves in Plavakkkam, followed by this .. If the former was comedy at it's pristine best, the latter was comedy at it's profane best!!!!!! Unforgettable!!!


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