Monday, May 01, 2006

Reflection can be wonderful!

This picture was taken while getting out of Cilantro's restaurant with despair. (No items in the menu was pleasing to our most refined, sophisticated, palates.)

While capturing the fancy "Texas Midnight" number plate was the main intention to click this snap from my multifunctional, multi utility, MP3-abled, blue tooth enabled (ahem ahem) cell phone, I was surpised to see that I captured most (7/8) in the gang!

Find 'em and name 'em!
Clue: There is a trouser pandy and that is Karthik!

Oh! By the way, it was Ranjith's treat as he is leaving to San Jose to join QualComm on his internship. Thanks a bunch, Ranjith and All the best!

We ended up eating at CaBoose (50th and Slide... Bangan's suggestion... for once was good :P)!


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