Monday, July 17, 2006

A song for me?

I was rummaging through my collection of songs in my iTunes to listen to something different, that would captivate me, and all of a sudden Kailash Kher's name came to the fore (So did Karthik's name - Why? Because we both love the song "Podhumadaa" in Majaa.)

"Well, then", I thought, "Why not that?". Typed in "Podhumadaa" (no quotes, of course) in iTunes' search box without any backspaces (thats rare!), and bang! one search result: THE SONG. Double clicked it. iTunes waited for a while for my external harddrive to wake up. It did, with a couple of clicking noises, and I have the song flowing into my headphones.

Listened to the song once, Kailash Kher singing away to glory. Remembered those evenings when this song would be playing on my 300$ music system, with two sidekick voices, one would be Karthik's and he would be cooking, and the second would be mine, snuggled cozily on a decrepit couch. Let the word "sidekick" not misguide you, our voices would be competing with the 300$ Onkyo music system, literally putting it to shame. This would happen in a loop, once, twice, thrice and then either food would be fully-cooked or throat would be half-boiled. Those were some days!

But then, today, I listened to the song, and suddenly the lyrics made more sense to me and describes my current state of affairs.

Here goes the lyrics [Courtesy, Music India Online]

podhumada saami naan vecha paasam
veguthada bhoomi ellam veli vesham


vidhi vecha theeyila manam kasangi ponathae
vizhi rendum neerule uyir posingi ponathae
kanorum kannir endral sogam illai
kannire kannagal endral yetho solla


mamaraththil koodu katti poongkuruvi vazhayilae
ver arunthu ponathenna.. vethanathaan bhoomiyilae

pavam patta jeevan agiputten naane
egapatta sogam thedikitten veene

puli vesham poddathenna poona kutti
atha naanum kaapethenna veli katti


[music.. ariro ariro ..araro ariro...]

kora mazhai thurayilae, vangi vanthen kola podi
vidu vanthu pakkurappo, kanaliyae vaasapadi

uthupathi vaasam, veesum koncha neram
vanavillin jaalam, vazhum konjam neram

adimaada agiponen yaarum illai
ada poda vazhthu onnun aavathulla




Huh! How true!


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Ajay said...

good song...


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