Thursday, June 02, 2005

Every day is a One-day!

Here is an interesting thought that has been striking me for quite some time now. So thought of getting the word out to you all there. I have also been experiencing the effect of this thought.

As the title claims, I feel that every day in our life is like one-day cricket. For the type of work I am doing, research, the amount of work done in a day is not always readily "measurable" and hours of peering into the computer monitor is never a gauge for it.

To what I have experienced, the mood for work for a whole day is almost always set by how I "open" the day, that is to say, how the initial few hours of the day come along. Those days when my openers have performed well, have seemed to put up a good fighting total against the "firing" side (boss?), and gives me enough good-length "deliveries" (explanations) to attack the opposition.

On the contrary, those days when I was little slack in the morning, the mood for the rest of the day has mainly been depression for having wasted the openers. "Pressure mounting in!"

Let me not lose any more deliveries for today, as middle order is also critical, you know ;) Moreover, I am playing my World Cup (my thesis, guys!!).