Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I 1 note

Yes, you read the title correctly: I OneNote.

It was just yesterday did I ever have the "mood" to click on this fancy little icon that has been sitting under the Office 2007 option in my Start menu - of my Vista installation!! And right then, I discovered its utility. It's a definite tool for me, a person for whom ideas -whims and fancies included - fly by at eerie instances. And, they promptly die if not documented somewhere, which usually would have been the last page of a notebook lying around or a loose sheet of paper. Now, I at least have a place to "jot" them down in a collected place - One Note 2007.

This is blog is just an embodiment of this effort. I am writing this as the first idea-capture on my One Note workbook :). I hope the effort lives and continues.

The problem that worries me - as with any digital data - is of a possible HDD crash. Must find a way to fight it. Probably a periodic back up of my One Note folder to somewhere. But then, if I were capable of such periodicity and order, I wouldn't be needing One Note in the first place. Lets see what I can come up with as an alternate. Till then, I will be busy scribbling… err.. One Noting :)