Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mad in Malaysia

This morning greeted me by presenting a new Dell Inspiron 610 laptop from office. While I arrived at office around 9 AM after a sleepless night due to India-Srilanka cricket (We won by 152 runs!!!), my colleagues were complaining that I was late while they had started playing with their new toys (they got new ones too..., Thank you General Steel!). Rushed up, I went over to open my toy box.... Layers and layers of cardboard opened up. Finally, when I was about the one that was "hot", I was sitting on the floor laughing!! The box read "Mad in Malaysia!!"... I said "read" though I need to make clear that Dell did print the required "e", except that it was too faint to be "read"!!

Anyways, we had a good nice laugh in the morning, thinking of the wording's consequences...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Keep out food and drinks

This is about a very humorous and customer friendly, yet state-the-point, sign board that caught our attention (Karthik, SAP and me) at the mall. It said:

"HUNGRY WORKERS INSIDE: Keep all food and drinks outside!"

Wow! That was just amazing... For the first time in life, I badly needed a camera phone!